Love the show Property Brothers? How would you like to be on it?

Picture of Property Brothers Nashville show graphic

The HGTV show Property Brothers recently contacted me (since I do a lot in the renovating/resell category, aka flipping) to see if I might know of some good candidates for their show when they shoot here in Nashville. Are you interested in being on the show?

What your zip code says about you

Picture of map of Nashville Franklin zip codes

If you live in my zip code, 37067, it says you are probably an Urban Chic-ster, a Savvy Suburbanite, or a Soccer Mom. At least that’s what we’re told by the Zip Lookup tool from Esri, a fascinating website that allows you to click on a map and get a breakdown of the types of people who call that area home.

Are You Ready To Start Flipping Houses in Nashville?

It’s a great time to be flipping homes in Nashville. But don’t let the “gold rush mentality” blind you to some of the critical components of a successful flip. Here are some tips and a close look at one of my current projects.

Welcome to the Jumbo. Nashville Jumbo Mortgage Outlook

elephant photo for nashville jumbo mortgage post

Jumbos accounted for a full fifth of all mortgage lending last year – the highest percentage of the market since 2002. Nashville residents looking to borrow in the high-end market may also find an assortment of responsive lenders as asset investment dollars move into real estate as “a safer investment.”