What to do when your Nashville home won’t sell

photo of locks on a nashville home that won't sell

You thought you had done everything right, yet six months later, your home still hadn’t sold. Who’s to blame? Who cares? Let’s see what we can do to reinvigorate your listing and get it sold for a price you’re comfortable with.

Nashville mortgage interest rates fall

photo of wall street nashville mortgage interest rates article

With world financial markets in turmoil, nearly everyone had forecast a gradual rise in Nashville mortgage interest rates – one likely to continue well into the rest of 2016. Instead, by the end of last week, analysts were reporting mortgage rates approaching 7-month lows. Get the scoop in this post.

The hidden costs of home ownership

Money to own a home graphic

What does it really cost to buy a home? Can you afford it? You obviously have to pay the purchase price and mortgage interest, but what else is involved?

Discover Berry Hill. East Nashville’s hidden treasure.

I went to Berry Hill this morning and had to snap a pic and write about this cute small satellite city of Nashville. Berry Hill is a nice, slower,and friendlier change of pace. There’s also a great coffee shop in the heart of Berry Hill, called Sam and Zoe’s.

Buying a home after a divorce.

Pathway symbolizing life after a divorce graphic

Buying a home after a divorce or break-up can complicate an already complicated situation. Don’t make the same mistakes so many others have during this difficult life stage. Here are some tips and advice on what to do, when to do it, and how to feel good about your decision.