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Buying a home

It’s all about finding the perfect home at the perfect price.

Buying a home in a market like Nashville is a whole lot easier when you have the right realtor.

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I get to know each of my clients and learn about their goals and needs. I truly care about the success of each client, not the amount of inventory I push. As a Broker/Realtor, I make my living by representing you as a home buyer, and my business is based on return clients. I may even suggest NOT buying a property based on your goals and situation. Whatever the case, I represent you.

Searching the greater Nashville MLS

These days, the typical home search starts on the internet. We have one of the most sophisticated, user-friendly tools right here on this site that will help you search the greater Nashville area MLS (RealTracs). Hover your mouse over the menu item “Nashville MLS” at the top of this page for all your options. And don’t forget: you can save your favorite listings, you can save your searches. And you can also set up email alerts to receive listings of all the new homes that come online that meet your search criteria.

I start where the internet stops.

With so much information readily available, many people start by looking on the internet and comparing prices. However, even smart searchers can quickly become overwhelmed with the process of personally looking at all of the available houses and wading through tons of information.

Others who have the perseverance to look through all the information and visit many of the houses find themselves worrying about the quality of what they see.

  • What repairs has the home owner hidden with plaster and paint?
  • Did the buyer of the house one block away get an exceptional deal, or were there special circumstances involved in that sale?
  • When it comes time to negotiate a deal, how will all of these facts affect how much I should offer on the property I am interested in?

So while a search on Zillow can provide valuable information, there is also a lot of missing wisdom about the neighborhood and schools, the housing stock, and the houses themselves.

What’s next?

The first step is to have a conversation with you about your goals, needs, and price points. If you are moving from another area, I will likely have that conversation over the phone. After that, everything I do is designed to help you reach that goal. Here are a few things I do that I believe are unique to my way of buying and selling houses. Everything is driven by  your goals, interests, and price points.

  • I research the available houses and provide you a short list of homes that meet your buying criteria, not the entire list available from the MLS. This approach is particularly valuable if you are from out of the area with limited time for actual house hunting.
  • I have rehabbed a number of houses myself and have worked with investors. Consequently, I know how to spot costly repairs that may be hidden with paint or wallpaper and I know the typical cost and process to make the repairs. (I will always recommend that you utilize a professional home inspection).
  • When it comes time to negotiate a fair price, I know how to take the emotion out of the process and how to explain succinctly and clearly why the other side should seriously consider our offer.

I have considerable expertise in helping the following types of buyers

  • First time homebuyer
  • Move up buyer
  • Downsize buyer (divorce, empty nest)
  • Relocating here buyer
  • Move to Williamson County buyer from Metro buyer
  • Investor buy and hold buyer
  • Investor new construction buyer
  • Builder buyer
  • Renovation and sell buyer
  • Developer buyer

Ready to Talk?

Regardless of whether you are new to the area or long term resident, if you are looking to buy or sell property in or near Nashville/Davidson County, Williamson County, or Franklin, Tennessee, please call me at (615) 500-3986 or contact me by clicking the button below.

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