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Flipping houses in Nashville

Flipping houses and other properties in Nashville.

A house in Nashville that I flipped
Yep, it’s the same kitchen. These renovation pics are from a house in Nashville that I rehabbed and flipped for a very nice profit.

One investment vehicle that I recommend is short term, low risk, and high return home remodeling (rehab) projects and immediate property sale (flipping). Remodeling and flipping houses in Nashville and the surrounding areas is something I have done successfully quite a bit. I have an established an efficient turn-key process that works. From acquiring the loans for the purchase, rehab financing, contracting, final staging and marketing for sale, I have a successful built in system that has been tested over time.

Here are some basic ways that I will assist you in succeeding in a renovation and flip:

I will find you the right deal

I make a consistent effort to locate properties that are within your price range and the best deal for your investment. I keep my finger on the pulse of the Nashville MLS listings so that you don’t have to.

I attend monthly foreclosure auctions and have a vast network of referrals of non-marketed properties to keep you connected.

I know the best properties to buy in the most desirable areas in Nashville for investing because I keep on top of the market. Through experience I know what kind of features and upgrades are the most important investments to buyers in that specific area so that you will be well positioned when you resell.

I will help you estimate the repairs

Keep in mind that typical renovations come in most of the time over budget. I will not only help you accurately estimate your costs but recommend able and trust worthy contractors to do it. I do not do lipstick remodels. My work is well known in the community for outstanding workmanship. And my track record shows.

The front view of the Nashville home I rehabbed and flipped
You’ve seen the kitchen. Now it’s time to step outside. Pretty amazing transformation. Flipping a house like this can be a very rewarding experience, both personally and financially.

I will help you find the money for the deal

I will refer you to trusted lenders that will help you reach your bottom line goal and land the funding you need to close on investment properties. I will also partner with you and the lender if needed.

I will get contractors in place

My investment firm is also closely associated with teams of contractors that will get to work as soon as you sign on your property. I understand that time is money. My contractors are also partners on the property and have a commitment to your success and higher returns.

I will manage the renovation

Managing every step of the way is a full time job. I realize that you have other investments, possibly a career and a lifestyle. That is why I am here. I will assist you in managing your investment property through the renovation all the way to the flip.

The back view of the home I flipped.
And we conclude our flipping homes in Nashville tour with a walk around to the back of the home.

I will market and sell your property

I have a trained staff of professionals who will help manage the process all the way through your final sale in order to assure that you obtain your investment funds in pocket as smoothly as possible.

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