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I Buy Houses For Cash In Nashville and Franklin TN

Many “We Buy Houses” types of companies that say they are cash buyers are really middle-men. They don’t “buy” your house. They shop your home to investors (like me) and take a hefty commission for their efforts. That can cost you time, money, and a whole lot of headaches. Wouldn’t your rather sell you home quickly and confidently? And potentially get thousands more for your house?

Over 4 dozen people just like you have chosen me to purchase their home for cash because…

  • I don’t have to shop your home around to investors. I am the investor. I have the cash to buy your home right now.
  • I can make a cash offer on your house TODAY.
  • In most cases, I can be on the way to see a home and make an offer within an hour of being contacted.
  • I buy houses for cash in Nashville and Franklin As-Is. There are no hidden fees, realtor commissions or “gotchas.”
  • I believe you should get the most cash you possibly can for your house.
  • I may be willing to pay more for a home because I know the hot areas and the soon-to-be-hot areas in Nashville. Cash for Homes companies have no idea what’s hot in Nashville and only look at what your home is worth on paper.


Sell Your House To Me And Get Your Cash Fast.

I buy houses for cash like the one pictured here

If you read my “What is a cash sale?” page, then you know selling your home for cash is a great way to get money quickly. With a cash buyer, there is no waiting for a buyer to get qualified for a loan. No waiting for loan docs to be created. Everything moves at warp speed, which cash sellers like.

Cash buyers can also take care of closing costs, taxes, and whatever it takes to close the deal quickly. And you can have cash in hand in two or three days. Sometimes, in as little as one.

E0227695-57F6-41B4-AD6B-C0E56B86D1A7But because this is a fast-moving process, it can be easy to make a mistake. If you’re dealing with one of those We Buy Houses companies, make sure you’re dealing with one you can A) Trust and B) Depend on to give you a fair price.

I’d like to believe that I fulfill both of those requirements. I have built my business on relationships, referrals, and repeat customers.

I buy houses for cash in the Nashville and Franklin TN area. I’d like to buy yours.

I’d like the opportunity to make an attractive cash offer on your home. I believe I can bring you a better offer than those We Buy Houses types of companies. There are absolutely no obligations, no fees, or high pressure sales tactics. Just contact be by clicking the button below. Or call me  at 615-500-3986.

Yes, I want to sell my home for cash.